Akiya Hunter

Set forth on an unparalleled journey with Akiyaz’s Akiya Hunter service, crafted for the intrepid at heart who are drawn to the allure of Japan’s untouched countryside.

Akiya Hunter caters to those ready to navigate the vast landscapes of rural Japan, offering a guiding light through the complex terrain of rural real estate. Embrace the role with Akiyaz, where every search is an expedition filled with discovery and opportunity.

Hands pointing at a map of terrain in Japan
Phase 01: Research

Charting the Path

The adventure begins when you share your vision through our Akiya Hunter inquiry form. With your detailed input and after securing your investment in this journey, our expert team, armed with deep knowledge and unwavering dedication, launches a precision-guided search. We’re not just looking for properties; we’re uncovering futures, ensuring each find aligns with your dreams.

1 report: ¥50,000
5 report pack: ¥210,000
20 report pack: ¥600,000

Phase 02: Due Diligence

Navigating the Terrain

The essence of our service lies in thorough exploration and diligent evaluation. Our seasoned scouts look into:
Meticulous Property Reconnaissance: A deep dive into each potential purchase, evaluating its promise and uncovering its secrets.
Strategic Liaison with Local Authorities: Gaining insights and gathering intel from municipal offices to map out the legal and regulatory landscape, ensuring a clear path forward.

Per day cost: ¥250,000 + travel expenses

Matt Ketchum of Akiyaz hiking through a forest
Matt Ketchum of Akiyaz holding the sun in his hands on a beach in Kanagawa, Japan.
Phase 03: Brokerage

Claiming Your Prize

Transitioning from the hunt to acquisition, we equip you with expert negotiation tactics and seamless transactional support. We ensure the final steps of your journey are as rewarding as the discovery, helping you:
Secure Advantageous Terms: With skilled negotiation, we champion your interests, striving for terms that honor your interests.
Navigate the Final Ascent: Guiding you through the complexities of paperwork and legalities, we make the path to ownership straightforward and transparent.

Assistance fee: 2% of sale price or ¥300,000 (also note that our partnered real estate agent will take an additional 3% of sale price)

Embrace the Journey

Choosing to embark on your akiya journey with Akiyaz means more than searching for a property; it’s about embracing the adventure of rural revitalization. Akiya Hunter is for those who see beyond the abandoned, envisioning a future where each akiya is a cornerstone of community and cultural revival.

  • Driven by a Passion for the Countryside: We’re committed to the sustainable transformation of Japan’s rural landscapes, respecting their rich heritage while fostering modern living.
  • Armed with Expertise: Our extensive knowledge and local connections place you at a significant advantage, turning the quest for akiya into a journey of rewarding discoveries.
  • Dedicated to Realizing Dreams: At Akiyaz, every akiya hunter’s vision is our mission. We’re here to guide you through the wilderness of rural Japan to find the place you can call home.

Start Your Akiya Hunter Adventure

The journey of a lifetime begins with a single step. Get in touch about our Akiya Hunter services to start your expedition into the heart of rural Japan.