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municipalities in Japan

At Akiyaz, we leverage comprehensive data and advanced analytics to revitalize Japan’s rural communities. Our expertise in the akiya (abandoned property) market enables us to provide invaluable insights and auditing services, benefiting local communities and global investors alike. By utilizing data-driven strategies, we help to breathe new life into these neglected properties, turning them into thriving spaces once again.

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Akiyaz UFO sightings compared to vacancy rates across Japan

Data Collection

Our extensive data collection process is designed to gather a broad spectrum of information from various reliable sources.

We compile comprehensive datasets that provide a holistic view of property landscapes. This meticulous approach ensures we capture the nuances and intricacies of each property market, enabling us to deliver unparalleled insights to our clients.

Akiyaz Yugawara Miyakami map

Data Analysis

At Akiyaz, we apply advanced analytical techniques to process and interpret the vast amounts of data we collect.

By leveraging sophisticated analytical models, we can uncover trends, predict market movements, and provide actionable insights. This enables us to offer our clients a deep understanding of market dynamics and property potential

Empowering Rural Renaissance with Akiya Data

We are dedicated to fostering sustainable growth and vitalization in rural Japan. By leveraging data and technology, we aim to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, creating vibrant communities and prosperous investments. Our mission is to unlock the potential of Japan’s akiya properties and support the development of a brighter future for rural areas.

We believe that through our innovative approach, we can make a significant impact on the rural real estate market and contribute to the overall well-being of these communities.