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accommodations across Japan

From luxurious hotels to traditional ryokans to campsites, Japan offers a vast array of choices for every traveler. But when you’re delving into the world of akiya with Akiyaz, your needs extend beyond just finding a place to stay.

You need a comprehensive service that connects you with unique experiences, local insights, and extensive national networks to truly enrich your rural lifestyle adventure. With Akiyaz Lifestyle, we ensure that every aspect of your journey is not only accommodated but optimized to enhance the unique way you experience Japan.

Connecting You to the Heart of Japan

Barbecue party in Yamanashi hosted by Akiyaz

Curated Experiences

Explore the Extraordinary
Akiyaz curates a diverse array of experiences to immerse you in the transformative potential of rural Japan. From sophisticated dinner parties and vibrant DJ events in Tokyo that invite urban dwellers to contemplate rural living, to serene camping retreats amidst Japan’s lush landscapes, we design events that cater to varied interests and inspire a deeper connection with Japan’s vast cultural and geographic tapestry.

Resource Networks

Leverage the Community
Immersing yourself in a new locale means more than finding the perfect spot; it’s about engaging with the community and leveraging local resources to enrich your experience. Our Resource Networks service connects you to the local fabric, from artisans to exclusive events and essential services. With our extensive partnerships and network, we provide insider access to genuine experiences, making Akiyaz your gateway to a richer, connected lifestyle in Japan.

Essential Services

The Power of Peace of Mind
At Akiyaz, we streamline your transition to a new lifestyle in Japan by managing essential tasks. Our partnership with MailMate offers comprehensive mail management and bill payment services. This ensures you stay connected and organized, handling everything from correspondence to routine payments, allowing you to fully immerse in your rural adventure and integrate smoothly into your new community.

Unlock Your Dream Lifestyle

Every journey with Akiyaz is more than a service—it’s a passage to a life rich with culture and adventure. Embrace the endless possibilities of rural Japan and let Akiyaz guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re looking for a seasonal getaway or a permanent shift to countryside serenity, our team is here to ensure your transition is smooth, supported, and spectacular.

Join us at Akiyaz, where your dream lifestyle awaits among the vast offerings of Japan’s hospitality landscape.