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Bridging Traditional Values with Modern Technology

Our Roots and Evolution

Akiyaz sprang from the vibrant pulse of rock and roll, evolving through the realms of alternative lifestyles, and the precise science of coding and analytics. Founded in the dynamic cultural landscapes of Japan and the USA, our company is a synthesis of rebellious musical spirit and the groundbreaking potential of modern technology. This unique fusion defines our approach, enabling us to address the complexities of the real estate market and data analysis with both creativity and precision.

Our Mission

Akiyaz is dedicated to more than mere transactions; we are about exploring the untamed wilderness, promoting health and wellness, and challenging the status quo through our sustainable and impactful operations. We don’t just transform properties; we unlock their full potential, facilitating alternative lifestyles that harmonize with nature and foster innovation.

Matt Ketchum of Akiyaz.io

Matt Ketchum

Operations & Business Development

Originally from the US, Matt Ketchum has spent 12 years in Japan. He has worked across a wide range of industries, particularly in IT and Entertainment management positions.

Matt began cataloguing akiya in 2017. After years of research and while acting as the Executive Director of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan, Coronavirus hit, causing many of his friends & associates to ask about his extensive knowledge of the akiya market.

Once his first akiya business had taken off, Matt sought to introduce more robust digital tools to the ecosystem and took a sabbatical to formulate this approach. During that time, he was introduced to Sho Hihara, and in 2024 they decided to launch akiyaz.io as the next step in rural development.

Outside of Akiyaz, Matt also advises businesses as MKUltraman curates concerts in Japan’s independent music scene as Kaala Music, and plays guitar in Worship Pain.

Sho Hihara of Akiyaz.io

Sho Hihara

Infrastructure & Technical Development

A native of Japan with considerable time spent in North America, Sho Hihara is a talented software engineer with a colorful history across industry.

Previously, Sho was the CTO of Shiftbase, where he was instrumental in the development of their educational platform, Unchain, as well as the incubator program that went along with it. Sho personally oversaw each of their 13 cohorts, mentoring developers on their path to deployment and, later, success.

With Akiyaz, Sho leads the development and implementation of our analytics and auditing platforms. His expertise in programming and technology infrastructure is key to building a robust and scalable service that meets the diverse needs of Akiyaz’s clientele, which range from individual buyers to institutional investors, to municipal governments.

Our Approach

Our approach is as unique as our origins. We harness creativity to navigate the complexities of real estate and data with a fresh perspective, always anchored in our unconventional beginnings. Our venture into the akiya market began seven years ago with the innovative concept of Akiya Hunter. This initiative has grown into a full-fledged pursuit of uncovering and revitalizing Japan’s overlooked properties.


To foster collaborative growth in rural Japan, revitalizing vacant properties into vibrant spaces that respect local culture, support sustainability, and enhance community well-being.


Empowering rural communities through high-tech solutions, we blend tradition with modernity, transforming abandoned properties into hubs of sustainability, culture, and innovation for collective growth and well-being.


  • Audacious Revitalization
  • Data-informed Humanity
  • Unbounded Celebration